Notable Books

Notable Books


The Great War for Civilization, 1914-1919: an Introduction by Hugo White

H. White is the author of an acclaimed history of the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry: Richard Holmes, the military historian and writer, said that if you want to learn about the British infantry, you should read the book. ‘The practical workings of that puzzling, infuriating, endearing and invaluable thing, the British regimental system, is laid bare here. . . . The definitive history of a fine regiment.’*

For a detailed account of a life for a typical infantry regiment during the 1914-1918 war, read Part 2 of One and All with its history of each of the regiment`s 15 battalions, including that of the exceptionally hard-worked 5th (Pioneer)Battalion. This Territorial Unit helped lay the miles of barbed wire entanglements to hold up the enemy and of deck-boarding paths to help their own, build roads, bridges and dugouts, usually near or in the front line so that as they worked they were usually under attack. It is indeed fitting that “we should remember them” as every town and village with a War Memorial does every year in the month of November.

Now Hugo White has written another book – published not by Tabb House but by Pasticcio – giving a brief outline of the First World War, beginning with its causes, and going on to describe the British military involvement, with a brief mention of the Navy and Air Force. The make-up of the army, the different phases of the war, the weapons, the living-conditions, and much more, up to the end of the war and its immediate aftermath are outlined in an easy style that provides a key to the events of the Great War being commemorated from August 2014.

*One and All: a History of the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry, 1702-1959, published by Tabb House.

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