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Note the enhanced illustrations for our books, and the sample pages for each. (If you want to see more, please e-mail Tabb House.) Work will go on to enlarge their verbal descriptions.

Look out for topical titles in the Notable Books section. We lead with a book by a Tabb House author, but not actually published by us! – Because of the Great War commemorations started in August, we are stocking copies of Hugo White’s recently published The Great War for Civilisation, 1914-1918: an Introduction.

Also featured will be Avalon and Sedgemoor, a classic account of the Somerset Levels, which was prominent in the news last winter because of its catastrophic flooding.

The Somerset Levels were in the news early in 2014 because of severe flooding, and now it is raining again. So why not read Avalon and Sedgemoor? – (the Somerset Levels is a modern name for Sedgemoor). The book is a classic account of the area by Desmond Hawkins. ‘In the 1880s rabbits took to the trees and men rowed round to capture them’, he wrote, and in 1929 when the River Tone burst its bank, ‘furniture of the more perishable and portable sort was heaved upstairs to safety. And in due course, but not so suddenly as to cause any panic, the water lapped round the mantelpiece, and the boat was moored to the bedroom windowsill.’ Sedgemoor has always flooded, and was always drained and defended, at least since records were kept by the Normans in the eleventh century, he tells us. Hawkins wrote before the Government’s neglect of many years had become all too apparent, in 2014, and before the memory of country life lived at a natural level was forgotten. Now, the almost complete suburbanisation of rural England has separated the population from the deprivations of life at subsistence level but has also destroyed most people’s local knowledge that enabled them see, for instance, the dangers of building bungalows on flood plains.

The need for easy reading for dyslexic children has been highlighted this year, and we will be featuring the Humphrey series of little books that is ideal for this purpose.

In a style that ‘evokes the mystery and magic of this still secret land’, Hawkins gives us its history, natural history and much more, ‘in a way that fires the imagination. – This is a very good book.’ (New Scientist)

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