Keith Chatfield was the creator of the Hatty Town and Issi Noho series of TV programmes, and went on to write adventure stories and the humorous Humphrey series of reading books. He gave up a business career to work in schools, to be with children and to write books for them.


ed_prynn_203_203x152Edward Prynn wanted to compose a series of novels, like Poldark, about Cornwall, so laid the ground by putting his memoirs onto tape, and taking to Jo Park, who had worked at the BBC and therefore, he thought, might be good at publicity. She liked his memories so much that his Poldark project never got any further; she typed out his material and brought it to Tabb House. The fact that Eddie had never bothered to lean to read or write so enthralled the media that for many years he told his yarns on local TV and radio – but his original, two-part story, which he recounted with great verve and humour, remains his best.

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