About our Categories

About our Categories

Our titles are sorted by category and sub-category in the drop-down menu under ‘Books’ at the top of almost every page.

Look for a particular title in the Search box near the top of the page; choose one significant word as the full title needs to be spelled with care, or it may not be found. A search will bring up books with that in their title, or in text elsewhere on the site. Following a search, the word or phrase typed into the search box will appear at the top of the following screen.

The category ‘Cornish Interest’ covers books with some Cornish content, e.g. Evelyn Hardy’s The Countryman’s Ear, about Thomas Hardy, which includes several essays on his Cornish connections but is mainly on other subjects. ‘Dorset Interest’ includes Fields of Young Corn, which has a few chapters set in Dorset, near Lyme Regis . ‘Welsh Interest’ covers Celia Lucas’s humorous children’s adventure stories.

Books may also be tagged. Each tag is for a genre that covers titles on several different subjects. Cornwall’s books are so many that they are more easily found under their other principal topics, with a tag for Cornwall. Search for Cornwall or click on that word wherever it may appear, and you will be taken to a list of every item tagged to it.




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